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•Date : 19 – 23 October 2009
•Venue: Surabaya

Course topics: (flexible/as company need)
1. NFPA 70E® & OSHA overview
2. Basic Industrial Electrical: typical equipment
3. Electrical Design and Application:
Power Generation System (Dynamic and Static)
Electric Equipment (Motor Induction, Transformer)
4. Static Electricity:
Sources of Static Electricity
Against of Static Electricity
5. Grounding System:
General; Circuit and grounding system
Equipment grounding system
Method of grounding system
Grounding conductor and connection
Bonding system
Grounding system in 1 KV Circuit and up
6. Hazardous locations
7. Leakage Current Protection:
Basic principle of Operation
Connection System
8. Lightning Protection System:
Connecting Surge Arrester
9. Electrical Induction:
Properties of Electric Materials
10. PUIL (Peraturan Umum Instalasi Listrik)
11. Safety-related work practices & PPE:
Analyze work tasks and select the appropriate PPE
Determine the hazard risk category classification of a given task
Locate specific requirements for energizing and de-energizing power circuits
Explain the intent and limitations of personal protective equipment
Locate a simplified approach to assure adequate PPE for diverse tasks
Employ the specific steps to be taken to ensure an electrically safe work condition
12. Create lockout/tag out procedures applicable to any given facility or activity
13. Electrical hazard recognition

Who should attend:
Electrician, repairman, maintenance operator, electric foreman, and other field worker.